Hommage à Arnault Beltrame du chef de la délégation américaine

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Vous avez été nombreux sur notre page Facebook à rendre des témoignage de condoléances et de reconnaissances au colonel Arnault Beltrame et nous vous en remercions.
Nous vous publions ici une lettre du colonel Chuck Gallina de l'armée américaine qui rend hommage au Colonel Beltrame et aux gendarmes.

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Date : Thu, 29 Mar 2018 08:29:15 -0400
De : Chuck Gallina
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Colonel de Jerphanion and dear Guillaume, Colonel and dear Jean Michel,

In the midst of our planning and preparing for the PMI and our Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimages, I want to extend my sincere  condolences to you both, and thru you, to Colonel Serre, Colonel Roland Ly Ny, and the Gendarmerie men and women who I have met over the last 5 years, and for whom I have great respect as they secure our safety,  on the loss of this courageous and selfless Warrior who gave his life so another may live.   

As I read the account of the siege and Col Beltrame's actions leading to his  horrific death, Msg Romanet's Mass, and the award of the Legion of Honor I am humbled and in awe of this strongly devout Catholic man and Gendarmerie officer. who so exemplifies Christ's words in John's Gospel, "No greater love than to lay down your life for another".   He is the epitome of a Warrior and Martyr for his Duty and his Faith, this as we anticipate the Crucifixion of Our Lord who gave His Life for us and our Redemption.  He, and all our Warriors who have died in the service of our respective Nations and their fellow brothers and sisters are why we will gather in Lourdes at the feet of our Blessed Virgin Mary to beg her intercession for peace and reconciliation.  

We, the American Delegation, will honor Colonel Beltrame at our Opening Mass, Friday, 1430, 18 May to be celebrated by Archbishop Broglio, Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, so that all our American pilgrims can honor this brave Gendarmerie Officer.  His passing in the full Grace of the Church and our Lord reminds all of us of the mercy and Love of Our Lord.  I truly wish I had met Colonel Beltrame in life.  

"May the soul of Arnaud Beltrame, the souls of all the faithfully departed, Rest in Peace".

Semper Fidelis

Chuck Gallina
Colonel of Marines (R)
Chef de Delegation, USA

Charles H. Gallina, PSD/FVSM, KHS
Colonel      USMC/Ret
Advisor, Military and Veterans Affairs
National VAVS Representative

Liaison to the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA
Knights of Columbus